We were all caught by surprise when H.E.R music came out of nowhere; her mysterious and soulful voice came was something that was feeding the underground SoundCloud fans ears for quite some time now. But yesterday we caught wind that H.I.M music is just as entertaining.

There is a SoundCloud playlist that was put together with H.I.M and H.E.R songs together in a sequence and if you listen to both you can hear that they are having a conversation with their music. Just to draw out a little timeline, H.E.R joined Twitter September 2016 and H.I.M joined November 2016. H.E.R’s Pigmet, which was the first song that was put out by H.E.R., that was released on SoundCloud five months ago. H.I.M’s first song "Hymn" was released three months ago. Their musical tracking is two months apart for everything. I think that is kind of crazy that these two artists are not connected in anyway but their music is connected in every way possible.

Listen to H.E.R. and Listen to H.I.M., and tell us what you think?

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