For the people that I know that have a sense of humor, watch Tyler, the Creator's Golf Media App. There are so many treasures hidden on this app you wouldn't believe how talented this guy really is. 

Tyler also had a secret track entitled single "Batman," which was discovered a few months back. The song was apparently included among the brief snippets of music launched through his GOLF MEDIA app. Also his glorious LP Cherry Bomb, also first appeared here. The latest piece of gold appeared on the app as well, Tyler had an immersive sit-down interview with none other than Seth Rogen.  

Other than a small appearance by Rogen on Tyler’s short-lived Adult Swim series Loiter Squad -which needs to be picked up for a lifetime contract- the duo rarely worked or even chilled together. Which seems hard to believe, because their 30-minute interview practically shows off their humorous non-forced chemistry and lighthearted energy. Tyler gushes about how much he loves Rogen in the cult classic Freaks and Geeks, and they go on to discuss everything from Donnie Darko to taking meth. To say it is entertaining would be an extreme understatement.  

Check out the extremely enjoyable 30- minute interview above!

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