Back at it again with the date nights. Rihanna and Drake have been putting in that 'Work' on and off stage for a while now. As you guys may know Rihanna is in Manchester for her 'Anti' tour. We have been under the impression that this was just a friend 'ting' but since they have been out for the past couple nights in a row we came to the conclusion that this is way more. Since Drake flew straight to Rihanna from filming the 'One Dance' music video in South Africa.

Only time will tell if this is more than just a friendly night out or if it might be another secret date night. But don't hold your breath if your waiting for one of them to actually state the facts. We'll leave that up to your imagination.

Lets all hope that the 'Too Good' video is coming out of these multiple date nights in London.

Here is the performance of Work from Manchester:

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