Give a welcoming round applause to Taylor Bennett, as he makes his very much awaited interview with Hot 97 the other day. If you don't know anything about Taylor, just know that he is a 20 year old from Chicago. OH, and he is Chance the Rapper's little brother.

He has been rapping since he was 13 he appeared in the music scene with his first project with The Taylor Bennett Show that was released in December 2013. He also released two mixtapes in 2014 dubbed Mainstream Musicand Freshman Year: First Semester. In December 2015, he released Broad Shoulders and lead single with his older brother Chance.You can listen to it here.

In a recent Hot 97 interview with Rosenberg, Taylor's brother Chance preferred that he build his own fanbase before he began working with and promoting him. Chance believed this was an important step in his development as an artist. Bennett finally started selling out shows at local venues and even opened for his idol Nas at a Lollapalooza after party in 2014. Trust me this guy has a lot of stuff up his sleeve and I'm pretty sure he's not afraid to use anything. Check out the interview above to see Taylor spit a crazy freestyle

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