There is a new duo coming out of Paris with an extremely unique sound. With the help from their label, DirtySoul, TW3LV has been pushing through sound barriers and making their way into the ears of critics. 

These two producers are giving us a very weird throwback futuristic and eclectic sound. With sharing a rich background in the French electronic scene, TW3LVbrings to life a mutual love for ’80s music, while recreating it in a thoroughly modern fashion. ‘Sunset Skies’ is reminiscent of the best scenes of a teenage fantasy, as imagined by Hughes and Spielberg. 

This track follows last year’s thumping ‘California Sun’, that confirms TW3LV’s status as wistful ones to watch.

You can get more information on their SoundCloud, Twitter & Instagram 

Nostalgia has never sounded so peaceful.

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