We have seen so many celebrities dress their kids up in the cutest clothes but I think Kanye and Kim West takes the cake on the most fashionable kid. North at the age of two is already making fashion headline since she was first photographed in the Vogue spread of Kim and Kanye's wedding photos. But what can we say, she's Kanye West's daughter so you can not expect anything but the best.

After this Vogue spread in 2014, North West made her fashion staple

How about this olive green bomber jacket. I would do anything to have this jacket for my future baby. Even with no shoes she is slaying. Walmart is giving you the head start for the fall baby in the hottest bomber. 

This is one of my favorite looks, and we melted when North was photographed in this pink ensemble. Tell me this is not to die for! Oh and did we tell you she was just going to ballet class? Kim revealed that she brought it from, where it retailed for $130, which is sold out. The pink studded choker tops the outfit off. 

Lastly, is the casual look but for some reason North knew that the pink purse would bring the outfit to life. North West looking adorable in a black pair distressed denim and the classic black and white chucks, she take the cake for best style just by the choice of shoes.

Given that Kanye is making his way into the fashion world you have to understand his kids has to do the same. We can't wait to see how Saint west will make is mark into fashion.

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