The recently retired basketball player, Kobe Bryant launches a $100 Million Venture Capital Fund alongside brain scientist and tech entrepreneur, Jeff Stibel. The fund, which is named Bryant Stibel, will invest in Tech, Media, and Data companies over the next few years, primarily with Bryant’s money. Bryant and Stibel are not seeking investors at this time but later on down the road they just might give it a thought. Bryant and Stibel began investing together in 2013—a total of 15 companies, including sports media website, The Players Triune, legal-services company, LegalZoom, home-juicing company, Juicero, and videogame designer, Scopely. In 2014, the basketball star started Kobe Inc., a company focused on investing in the sports industry. A year later, the company invested millions in sports drink maker, BodyArmor. From the looks of it, Kobe is not new to the investing realm.

Billionaire investor Sacca stated:

“I don’t think [Bryant’s] a pretender about that stuff . . . I think he can be great at this”

However, there are other basketball players that have invested in tech companies such as former Lakers great Magic Johnson, former San Antonio Spurs center David Robinson, and New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony. Meanwhile, BodyArmor, who partnered with the Los Angeles Lakers for his final game merchandising deal, brought in $1.2 million in merchandise that was sold at the Staples Center on April 14, set an industry record for merchandise sales at a stadium and arena in a single day. So, Kobe seems like he knows what he's doing. We cant wait to see what's up Kobe's sleeve. When those companies go public, you may have an opportunity to invest alongside one of the NBA’s greatest players.

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