Going off the hype from the BET performance with Beyonce, rapper Kendrick Lamaris getting us in the spirit just in time for 4th of July, with his release of the Reebok classics. Kendrick and Reebok released a new version of one of the brand’s most iconic sneakers, the “Classic Leather.”

The seam is divided in the middle of each shoe, with the illusion of it being split in half. According to Reebok, the seam serves as “a metaphor for the major decisions he’s been forced to make — from championing gang neutrality throughout his upbringing to using his artistry to make a difference in his own community and the world over.”

They were released today but if you want a pair I'm sorry but they are sold out. Here you can win a signed pair of the capsule Reebok X Kendrick Lamar. Fingers Crossed.

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