Jaden Smith is one of the youngest idolized philosophers of our time. The youth look up to this kid more than they do Aristotle. Jaden has proven that time and time again that his mind is a powerful thing, proven by is unconventional tweets. So, who would be better to recite mind blowing and insightful facts about the universe and make you question your entire existence other then Jaden? No one!  

The 18 year-old actor/ musician recently named a “Style Star” to watch by Vanity Fair. During the shoot Jaden sat down with Vanity Fair, and read some shocking truths about the human brain, outer space, and of course human existence. While reading off these facts, Jaden is looking mind blown himself, while covering his mouth in shock and pushing his long locs back in amazement. "On Saturn and Jupiter, it rains diamonds," Jaden says in the video while shacking his head and asking "How?" He is so puzzled by these facts. He goes to reading other questions such as; "Did you know 50 percent of human DNA is shared with a banana? Did you know sharks have been around longer than trees? Did you know it potentially rains diamonds on Saturn and Jupiter?" 

Yes, Jaden life is a riddle that we are all trying to understand, as you can tell from the video it seems that Jaden doesn't know the answers either. 

Sit back, relax, and let the young actor and his Cartier-bedecked dreadlocks blow your mind. 

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