Complex announced the series premiere of “EVERYDAY STRUGGLE,” a new daily morning show covering the biggest news and hot-button issues facing hip-hop music and pop-culture. Serving as co-hosts, famed rapper and host of “I’ll Name This Podcast Later”, Joe Budden and an opinionated urban media commentator /Youtube God, DJ Akademiks provide the foundation for the aforementioned new series. They both face-off each day about the artist they feel deserve top spot, who’s fallen off, wage their bets on brewing rap beefs, analyze the latest social media buzz and determine which artists are moving the culture forward.  

With each topic that is presented, Joe gives his old man angry commentary, but for some reason I tend to agree with him on every episode. Each heated discussion will be filmed in-studio and moderated by Complex News’ Noah Callahan-Bever and Nadeska Alexis. Conversations will get intense and opinions are taken to the next level as Joe and Akademiks battle it out every morning at 11:00 AM on

So, Is Complex winning with new show “Everyday Struggle” with Akademiks and Joe Budden? The answer is Yes! These two guys make the best duo. They are like Consumer vs.Fan perspective and they work so well together. I think that is great for Hip Hop and all its glory. Akademiks states it perfectly explaining, 

“They always say it’s not about who did it first, it’s who did it best… but after seeing the vision for the show and the great people around it, I truly believe we can kill two birds with one stone. Joe and I along with Complex will definitely be delivering some epic moments and setting the canvas for very interesting and insightful dialogue.”

Complex gave Joe Budden and Akademiks a platform to speak their mind on upcoming rappers and naming their top 5 hip hop rappers in the game. Everyone knows that Joe takes rap to the heart and thinks that he is still the best rapper alive (throw sarcasm in there). When you watch, I will guarantee that you will agree with EVERYTHING Joe Budden has to say. Akademiks brought up Big Sean’s name  speaking on "Best Rapper Alive," which was a highly problematical statement.. Joe fired back and said,

“Rappers are judged by our body of work. And Sean has albums or mixtapes in his body of work that are entirely trash for us to be able to trust him the way we trust Drake, Kendrick, and J Cole.”

Can we give Joe Budden a standing ovation for this solid statement? How can you not move your hatred for Joe to the back burner just for this statement? You know the tension between Academiks and Joe made an appearance when that statement was made, since their is a generation gap between these two. But it makes for good entertainment, take a look.

The Twitter community is also having a change of heart towards Joe Budden:

We want to hear what Joe Budden and Akademiks have to say because our generation of music only pays attention to production, style and hook. And Joe is just here for the bars and the passion of a true rapper. I mean who can blame him when he states that Jay Z, Biggie, and Tupac are the greatest rappers of all time? When we hear something as catchy as a Lil Boat or Lil Uzi,we automatically call them the best. Joe brings the old school rap knowledge and breaks down every single requirement that today's rappers negate for the price of fame. Joe's manifesto is to strictly warn and critique the younger generation to not end up like him. 

How can you not respect that love?  In the end, Complex has it's finger on the pulse because we are certain  people are tuning into watch what Akademiks and Joe will disagree on next. Maybe it will be when Akademiks wears a corny fitted on show. Who knows!

On the yesterday's episode, Lil Yachty joins Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks as the very first guest on Everyday Struggle and this episode may be our most explosive yet with Yachty and Budden going head-to-head to iron out their issues.

Quick backstory: Budden previously questioned Yachty's credibility as a hip-hop artist, which not only received a response from Lil Boat, but his father as well. 

Joe Budden himself has caused a hand full of Lil Boat fans to come to the front lines and stand up for their favorite artists after criticizing  Lil Boat for the album art he's pairing with his forthcoming debut album, Teenage Emotions, in addition to a shot regarding the 19-year-old's overall approach to music.


He then took things one step further, adding, "Yachty is ruining the culture. Someone should not be accepted in this f**king culture."

Even though there are some people that still agree with Joe Budden's previous statement about Lil Yachty, Joe did state that he wants the best for the young rapper. Budden makes it clear he wants Yachty to appreciate hip-hop culture and its history, which leads to more back-and-forth over what it means to be fully invested in it. Yachty also shares his feelings on the new generation of rappers and where he fits in. "I'm the outcast of the hip-hop game," he says.

Watch the whole episode below and give us your thoughts on how Joe and Akademiks handled the Yachty interview. 

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