Floyd, a 20-year-old rapper from Atlanta is making waves in the music scene with his latest single entitled "Again", produced by MISOGi. Listen to his single below and I guarantee that you will have it on constant replay and won't even know it.  

Floyd is setting the tone for more hits, and if you are ready for more astonishing music from this kid, then stay tuned because he is closer to the finish line than he may appear. Floyd is serving you nothing but the best on this record. As a follow up to the  12th annual A3C Festival & Conference, empowering, inspiring and educating those that shape Hip-Hop culture, Floyd is next up. He is also the founder of DZA collective, who are similar to the whole A$AP movement. 

So it's appropriate to say that he is making moves. They will be releasing merch soon! So stay tuned.

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