Are you always getting that pop up storage message on your iPhone?

I have been the one to delete all my pictures and still have the "storage full" message notification. Well, we found a product that will give you a storage boost up to 256 GB without occupying the lightening port!

Our phones hold almost our whole lives, from our daily conversations with family and friends, to the funniest memes and apps like Instagram & SnapChat. This Kickstarter campaign iDime offers the simplest way to share and manage all your files at a really affordable pricing. A 16GB iPhone gives you around 12GB of user-accessible space. That means that even if you didn’t install a single app, store a single song or take a photo, your shiny new iPhone can shoot just 32 minutes of 4K video.

As technology keeps evolving, sizes of photos, videos and apps will continue to increase. Do you really want to pay $200 in addition to a brand new iPhone for extra storage every year? I didn't think so. The starting price for this iDime is

$48 and up


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