Fabolouscollaborates with Vintage Frames and comes out with his very own unique and signature pair of 24K sunglasses. For the third installment of the Vintage Frames Company Summer Sixteen series, CEO Corey Shapiro teams up with music mogul and fashion icon Fabolous. As we covered Metro Boomin and his collaboration with vintage frames, Fabolous of course puts his own signature aesthetic into the design of his pair. The two came together and channeled the 1990's as their influence.

Reconstructing a Hilton frame, the Vintage Sunglasses use a triple dipped 24 karat gold, with one of a kind zero base curved lenses designed by Fabolous himself. As the specialty lens is made to absorb light, the 24K gold exterior reflects it making it on of the most unique frames to come out of the Vintage Frames Company Lab. These frames are made in a very limited quantity of only 100 pairs. The collaboration goes into effect on August 11th (today) @ 12 pm only at www.VintageFrames.com. So make you get a pair!

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