I'm the type to just Google random things pertaining to art and music. And I find new and interesting things every time. But once I came across Earl Mack's art, I received a different feel on the perception of art. He creates his painting so relevant and yet make you feel like it came from a totally different world.

Ak's & M4's
Spiritual Dichotomy

In a brief over the phone interview I asked Earl just a couple of questions.

Q:Where are you from and how did you get your start in painting?

A: Have been painting for as long as I can remember. Richmond, VA is where I launched my brand back in 2011, so you can say that is where I'm from lol. 

Q:What do you want people to take from your art work?

A:I want my art to be open for interpretation. I want you to take what ever you want from the piece. If I paint something about whats happening in current times, it may look a certain way but everybody sees art in a different way and if you view my art a different way from your friends and it makes sense to you then thats good with me. Bsquiat is a big artist that I find is a very big influence in the art world and I admire what he did for the art culture. 

Q:So, Do you always try to out do your art?

A:I feel like with my are there is always room for improvement. I look at things in my work where I know I can do better. With every painting, collaboration or clothing design I have done in the past there is always that drive in you to want to knows that you can do better than your last. Pushing the envelope is what I want to say I do with my art. Go big or go home is such cliché to say but thats what I set for myself. 

Earl Mack also has Pop Up Shops in Richmond, VA. But he is open to having them in many more locations in the future. He's not on twitter so, you check out his Instagram for more art work and pop up locations. This young man's imagination is so fine and detailed, it's out of this world. He's definitely ahead of his time in the art field. Earl Mack is taking his art too a different world, and you guys should be on this bandwagon (just don't fall off) that is called Earl Mack!

He also sales his art on his website to check it out!

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