Trust us on this one; you're about to have this rising songstress on your summertime playlist this year. Def Jam's latest signee confidently lets audiences know that she's already setting her own ground rules. Brenda Mada is only 18-years-old and she just released her debut single "House Party," and it is 100% a bop. Brenda Mada has been performing literally her entire life. Born in Madagascar and raised in Belgium, Brenda’s parents recognized her gift at a very young age. After pursuing vocal lessons to perfect her craft, learning piano and guitar and also releasing music covers on YouTube, in 2012 Brenda uploaded a cover of her singing Rihanna to eventually receive over 40,000 views. 

Now, when you watch Brenda’s recent cover of Rae Sremmurd’s son ‘Black Beatles’, you can hear the growth in her voice, and you can she see she has grown into her own! 

Later on down the line she was found on YouTube and relocated to Atlanta to continue to develop her craft; thus landing a major record deal. She has been inspired by Jazz and cites her musical influences as Ella Fitzgerald, Rihanna and Drake.

 Brenda has performed in countless concerts and is able to sing in French, Dutch, and English. Currently she is recording her debut album and working with some of the best writers and producers including Tricky Stewart, The Dream, Rock City, Sean Garrett and her Executive Producer Bangladesh. A creative, multi-talented and beautiful rising star is developing in front of our eyes. Brenda is destined to become a global music phenomenon.

  "I was five years old. I was never afraid to dance or sing in front of people. I kind of love all the attention anyway."

"House Party'' symbolizes freedom to have fun, the Belgian songstress says. “My coming of age and everything that will play a part of that: my life, my friends, my relationships, love, empowerment, and ultimately the message that I want to convey to the world.”

Check out the track here and stay tine for more Brenda Mada in 2017!

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