I have been hooked and obsessed with these designers for a while now. The reason I was attracted to them and their clothing was because they NEVER reveal their identities. So they are basically a mystery. Mikey TrapStar and his two friends—Lee Trapstar and Will Trapstar, who are the masterminds behind 'TrapStar', have been killing the fashion industry since 2009. These guys are the next big thing in the fashion. Keep a look out for these guys.

Word of advice, you need to get trapped up in 'TrapStar' clothing some way or another. They started out as an underground clothing company in the streets of London. They have been established so long but thy still haven't explored the way I feel they should.

In 2011, the Trapstar trio were called in by Jay Z, Jay Brown, and TyTy for a meeting. who knew that this meeting would end with Jay Z and Roc Nation wanting to invest in the brand. Never give up on your dream.

Trapstar was created from underground inner city sub culture. The brand has become an ambassador/spokesman for the new era of forward thinking creative minds.

Trapstar is considered a streetwear, lifestyle clothing brand that believes there is a star trapped within everyone. Celebrities such as Rihanna, Jay Z, Chris Brown and model Cara Delevingne and so many more have endorsed the brand. Take a look at their collection below and I hope you end up feeling the same way!

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