Made In America is around the corner. This is for the people who have never been to a Made In America festival before. If it's your first time coming to Philadelphia, don’t worry, in this survival guide we’ve got you covered with all the information you’ll need to make the most of the two-day fest.

Here are 5 Essentials you will need for Made In America

Portable Phone Charger

Trust me,you will need this no matter what. If you want to post videos on Snapchat and Instagram, you can't miss out on the perfect selfie or the many celebrity sightings you will see at Made In America. You will definitely be using your phone more than average. You may make new friends, take pictures, and update your various statuses, and you will need to recharge sooner than you think. To preserve battery life and delay, consider dimming your screen, quitting apps you’re not actively using, and turning off notifications for things that aren’t urgent. It doesn't matter how long your phone is on the charger. Save some money and find some online.


I know know you want to look your best for this event but your best bet is to look fly while wearing a cute pair of your favorite sneakers or sandals. Flip-flops and heels might look cute with your outfit, but broken-in sneakers or boots are a great choice since you’ll be standing, walking, and dancing for several hours each day. New shoes? Just say no. This probably isn’t the time to find out that that new pair of kicks gives you blisters. The summer forecast for Philadelphia has been nothing but extremely hot conditions (keep that in mind) —go ahead and wear shorts or a tank top.


Getting to the location is always a stretch for out of towners. Here are some of your options for getting to the festival. Driving yourself is an option, but note that traffic on the Northeast corridor’s major highways (like I-95) can be very heavy on summer holiday weekends. Parking near the festival will be a challenge, but you should be able to find street parking or a parking lot or garage not too far away. Take a taxi, but I'm pretty sure Uber/Lyft will be your best bet.

For those coming from farther away, flying will be the way to go. The nearest airport is Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), which is about seven miles from the center of the city. Regional rail (SEPTA) is $8-9, but you can also take a taxi or bus to the city.


Trust me, you will want to bring yourself something to hydrate yourself. From my experience it is a MAJOR necessity. You won't want to spend $5 or more for a bottle of water. You are allowed to bring in factory sealed water bottles that are up to one liter in size. Free filtered water is available onsite, so bring an empty bottle to fill up, too.


Because you cant clone yourself and attend every stage performance at once, feel free to change up your game plan. Your favorite artists will be performing over at one stage, but switch it up and explore other stages and watch your other performers! Festivals are one of the best chances to discover great music you might never have otherwise heard.

If you need more information, you can visit the Made In America official website for more FAQ about restrictions and other security questions that you will need to know. But most importantly the biggest advice you should take away from this is to Have Fun!

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