Photographer in Philadelphia, PA

Civil Char comprises a journalism photographer in Philadelphia, PA, and her team. Our passion for journalism and photography is unmatched. We focus on current topics involving diversity, adversity, and culture. Our goal is to bring people together through the art of journalism. If you are searching for a journalist or photographer in Philadelphia, PA, be sure to look up Civil Char.


What is Journalism Photography?

Journalism photography, or photojournalism, catches honest and unguarded moments through the power of photography and tells a story. Beyond providing quintessential photography that captures these moments and events, Civil Char also combines these photos with articles. These articles could showcase your business, share an interview for a press release, or detail an event description.


Why Choose Civil Char

By hiring our photography and journalism expertise, you are choosing a medium — photojournalism — that will engage your future audience. Interviews are an integral part of this medium, and Civil Char will conduct interviews for a variety of people and interest groups including:

  • Individuals

  • Influencers

  • Musicians

  • Socialites

Through our knowledge and experience, we will provide the interviews for your journalistic needs and the services you are looking for. We also provide the accompanying photography services. Our specialties are in:

  • Photoshoots

  • Event coverage

  • Fashion shows

  • Trips

  • Black-and-white photography

You will be able to see our passion and commitment to our work in each photograph we take. We will collaborate with you to ensure you get the photography and journalism you imagine. Our goal is to portray your vision about the world via journalism photography.


Contact Our Experienced Team

If you are looking for a journalism photographer in Philadelphia, PA, reach out to Civil Char. Civil Char’s team is made up of experienced professionals who want to help you with your photography and journalism needs. You can get a quote or book a session on our online contact form.