Bringing people of manifold backgrounds and livelihoods together through 



Knowledge and Experience

That Can Serve Your

Journalistic Needs

Our fiery passion and journalistic skills combine to result in an elevated level of service. 

We work our hardest to ensure that you get exactly what you envisioned for yourself. 

Whether it is candid photos or a bold article that encapsulates who you are.

Our only goal is to portray what you envision to the world through journalism.

At Civil Char Media, we are adept at capturing candid moments through photography -

Exactly as your eyes perceive them

We understand the value of images for any individual.

Be it a large corporation or for an up and rising business magnate.

You know how important you are and it's our job to let the world know that. 


Remember words are lyrical notes that echo in the mind long after being read but photos perfectly capture the essence of who you are, leaving a lasting and permanent image. 


At Civil Char Media we have photographers who know how to work the industries best camera's in order to capture who are your most concentrated and enigmatic form.





“Char was an absolute pleasure to work with. She captured every moment

of the event that I wanted to showcase to the world.”

—  Jayla Strauss  —
CEO of PR Events